Richard William Smith

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Session 33 with Rick Smith.
Rick and Taino talk about the Ancient Astronauts aka Extraterrestrials & Interstellar beings, the Invisible College and its representation through actuality and movies, and XenoArchaeology: the archives of aliens & interstellar beings’ artifacts on Earth.

Richard Smith’s website:
Rick is the author of the book: The Moor, The Mason and the Alien >

Taino’s website.

The Galactic Talk with Richard Smith
European Confessions of a Moorish Legacy with Richard William Smith.

“European Confessions of a Moorish Legacy” has served as a spearhead of hot button paranormal discussion, circulating like wildfire in DVD format ever since its original presentation in Philadelphia at Temple University’s Pan-African Studies Community Education Program in 2007.


The Foundation.
Originally founded in 2011 as the UFOteacher Global Initiative by its creator Richard Smith, the Human Origins Foundation carries a strong global presence representing a cross-disciplined educational platform that the Human Origins Conference has been built upon. …

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As a human origins activist and civil rights advocate, I know that history always repeats itself for those who do not learn from it. As both my mother and grandmother would say, “What you put out there comes back to you ten-fold, what goes around comes around.” …

Richard William Smith

CEO @ Human Origins Foundation | Speaker + Author | Ancient + Historical Narratives on Diversity, Inclusion, Racial + Gender Equity | Human Origins

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