V: Matriarchy Reborn

A complimentary chapter from the MMA book series.

Richard Smith


Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

By Richard Smith
Medium Staff Writer

of the Eucharist
lay at the
of my

I’ve kicked them down,
my success
repents the failure
of others

And where is the Superman…

Or could that
have been I,
the Black Sheep of your line

wavering in stance,
in stained glass,
encrypted codes,
the Old Order
wells up to face
the bastard son –
the Archangel

This Sword,
it glistens
with centuries
of smashed hopes,
my Guillotine,
my Phoenix

Its arc,
a vengeance
Earth changes
and cataclysms,
all in the name
of Mother



Richard Smith

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